Alteration, Repair & Restoration Denim Jeans Work Price List

Shorten jean legs with original thick cotton finish to denim, retro finish or vintage finish with white worn tip to hem £19.95.

Shorten jean legs with chain stitched finish £24.95. (maximum weight that will  work on the chain stitch machine is 18oz)

Taper leg width, full legs, thighs or from knee down £24.95-29.95 (same price to make skinny cut) If you want them shortened as well this is an extra £5.00. (extra £10.00 for chain stitching replacement)

Take in denim waist double seam replace stitching back near original as possible £24.95 depending on amount reduced by and rear details.

Restore denim jeans, from £9.95 for small repair work. upto £29.95 for larger areas.

Repair crutch area using denim jean or cotton of your choice (lots of different denim colours to choose) from £14.95 one side, £19.95-24.95 both sides. Maximum charge for a very large repair to crutch area is £29.95.

Discrete denim fuse work from £9.95.

New zips in jeans £24.95 ( Robust original brass design, no nasty cheap plastic ones)

Repair zips in jeans from £14.95.

New metal button stud for jeans £9.95

Repair pockets from £9.95 upto £29.95 depending on whats needed, quick repair or new pocket bags etc…

Re piece whole legs, from £29.95

Selvedge denim work is my specialist area, be it for just a plain shorten or chain stitched hem with the correct stitching. Tapering the leg but with retaining the all important inner selvedge seam. Please email or ring me for a more detailed price on selvedge denim work

I stock, lots of different coloured denim, along with a small selection of Japanese denim and indigo dye denim, so will be able to make your repair work as near or as different as you want.

I also stock cotton shirting from the local Manchester shirts makers, this is normally used for small patch areas, such as knees,lower legs, etc…. if the cotton is used, its best to be in a low friction areas,wouldn’t really recommend this for crutch repair work. I have some wonderful funky colours, in solid, stripy, spotted, paisley designs.