Denim Jean Alterations Service Plain & Selvedge

The denim jeans alterations service for normal plain or selvedge denim i tend to offer is mainly shortening legs with the original finish retaining, original selvedge denim chain stitching, taking in the waist area stripping down the double seams and making as near original as possible, tapering the thigh area of jeans, tapering the bottoms to make a more fitted leg, or even the new type fashion of altering to make ultra tight fitting bottoms (skinny type jeans)

With tapering the leg width’s there are a few different methods to choose. For normal plain type denim i can take the width from the inner overlocked seam and remove the excess and overlock this away for neat job. Or if you have a pair of selvedge denim jeans and you want to retain this finish to the insides incase you wear your jeans as a turn up(rolled hem) you have two options, either i can spread the selvedge finish wider after tapering or i can remove the inner top stitch seam and take it threw the crutch area slighty, this will totally remove the inner inside top sewn leg seam, but this will leave the outter selvedge seam intact and in original condition and not altered in anyway.There are some examples in the gallery page showing the ‘spread’ finish compared with the ‘inner stitch removed’ finishes. People tend to be 50/50 on which one they would like so its down to personal preferance and down to how much the denim is being tapered, if its only 1″ off the width the ‘spread’ finish is fine, but if its more than this, i would recommend removing the inner stitch seam.

I offer all of The Denim Doctor customers to pick there cotton thread of choice for a more personal touch to your denim jeans alterations, i stock a huge range of different colours and thread thickness’ to get the finish as near original as possible for your denim jeans.

Please check the gallery page out for examples of all the above mentioned denim jeans alterations services we can offer you.

Also check the video out below for a collection of denim jean alterations examples

I am also a selvedge denim alteration specialist and carry out alteration work to all the top branded Japanese, American, English selvedge denim jeans found.

Levis LVC’s, xx range, Fenom Range, Apc’s, Edwin’s, Acne, Blue Blood, Samurais, Iron Heart, True Religion, Nudie, Cheap Monday, Citizens of Humanity, Evisu, Prps, Work Custom, Wrangler original work wear range, J Brand, 7 For All Mankind, Diesel, G Star, Goldsign, Goldspun, Naked And Famous etc…

chain-stitching selvedge-sunday

Please view the below video where i explain in more detail about chain stitching on the hems of selvedge denim jeans.

And the next video is explaining how to measure your perfect fitment pair of jeans you have so i can then replicate that favourite cut for the new pair you may have bought that are too wide, or maybe an older pair from a few years back that arent as in fashion at the moment being a wider leg.

Basically i need 3 or 4 measurments at different points, the hems, the knee point, mid thigh point and the upper thigh/crutch point, ive tried to explain this in the video.

If you are bringing the jeans into the shop, then i can personally pin them up on you, this above video is mainly for when you are sending them in the post.

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