How To Receive This Unique Service By Post

You can either come along to us in Manchester city centre, or if you haven’t the time or are along distance away from us, you can do what the majority of our customers do and post your denim alterations or repairs to us.

First of all you need to either ring me up on either 0161 8327678, email and discuss your alteration or repair , you can even send pictures to me at so i have a better idea of what repair or alteration is.

The contact form to the right hand side can also used, but this only lets you attach one picture at a time.

If sending your denim clothing, please enclose full contact name, address, phone number and the message of what you would like to be done to your denim. (If you don’t here from me within a few days of posting them, please follow it up with an email or phone call )

You need to send the denim to, (please note can you make sure all denim clothing is fully washed and dry before sending, unless they are selvedge denim, just make sure they have been ‘aired’ out before sending please 🙂

Michael, The Denim Doctor@
James Personal Tailor & Son
52 Cross Street
2nd floor
M2 7AR

Payments can be made by credit or debit card over the phone or by sending cash or cheque with your denim clothing for the amount agreed in principal over the phone or email, if you can’t send any pictures in regards to repair work, then i can only quote once i have seen the job, if not happy with the quote, i will return the denim for the postage cost. As all work can differ from time to time prices can vary, but with in regards to alterations the prices are pretty much fixed at those shown on the price list page

Apologise we no longer accept cheques afraid.

We accept all major credit and debit cards


(I am afraid we don’t accept AMEX, due to high processing charges)

Turn around time for alterations and repair work by post, can be as little as a week.
But we will defiantly get all work returned to you within a two week period from once receiving. ( Chain stitching work does vary at times so please check before hand if in a rush for this service)

Please send by insured trackable service, we recommend either Royal Mail Recorded post for denim under the value of £30 or if over the value of £30 by Royal Mail Special Delivery or by Courier, there are a few on the internet who will do it for around £5-10 depending on weight. Royal mail are highly recommend compared with the cheaper couriers out there

We will return your jeans by either Royal Mail Recorded Delivery for £5.95 or by Royal Mail Special Delivery at the cost of £8.95 which covers the cost of a new jiffy style bag which is padded for extra security. (These prices are for one pair, for more pairs the cost will go up slightly)

If your jeans did get lost in post on the return journey by the Royal Mail, you are covered for a max payout of £30 if you go for the 1st class recorded post option or £500 max payout for the special delivery option. Its very rare they lose parcels but some jeans i work on are expensive so you do need to work out what service you are happy going for. We can’t be held responsible for jeans that are under insured.

What will happen if I don’t like the repair work carried out???

The Denim Doctor has proven the best possible results for all jeans types and problems. We guarantee every effort will be made to repair jeans as best possible, however due to the nature of the repair method we are not responsible for disagreement on results. We strongly recommend you look at which type of repair work you would like before your choice, be it a discreet repair work, heavy top stitch repair work or a patch repair etc….., all will be discussed with you over the phone or by email prior to the work being carried out.

Some alterations are best done by visiting us in person so we can personally pin you up and show you the different finishes available and we do offer a same day service if you book in advance, i have a lot of customers who travel to us on a Saturday morning, drop them off say before 11am and then pick them up around 4pm. Trains tend to be cheaper and roads quieter, so this maybe an option for you. But if do decided to post we can help you guide over whats needed. Some people send a perfect fitment ‘copy’ pair for me to work off which on some occasions can help.